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Webinar on "Organizational Power and Politics" By Mr. Vijay Amrit Raj

Faculty of Management Studies
Contact No.
Start Date
27/02/2021 10:58 AM
End Date
27/02/2021 12:58 PM
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An online expert session on the “Organizational Power & Politics” was organized on 27th February, 2021.




Faculty of Management Studies organized a guest lecture on 27th February,2021 with a topic “Organizational Power & Politics”. The guest lecture was delivered by distinguished Speaker Mr. Vijay Amrit Raj (Head of talent management, learning & organization development at PI industries ltd.). The welcome address was given by the professor of Faculty of Management studies, Dr. Deepesh Dasani.

Mr. Vijay Amrit Raj delivered a very motivating & inspiring session in which number of participants took active part & various questions asked to them on ‘Diversity in the room, Ranking your personal motives’ on The poll was created to find types of motives shared by individuals presented in the session. He mentioned seven types of individual motives like independent, affiliation, dependence, extension, power and control. On the basis of outcomes, he further explained types of power such as legitimate, reward, coercive, expert, informational, referent and persuasive.

Further he made session more fruitful by discussing & describing in detail on ‘two kinds of power’ which he discussed in the form of a question. First was “How to build personal power?” where he included the types of credibility which plays a major role in building personal power. Second one was “Power tactics” which is divided on the basis of types of individuals. Along with this he covered importance of politics in organization, types of employees and the way they behave towards organizational politics and with their superior authority. He also included that “casual conversations are not just casual in the organization”. He narrated the three types of power & Leadership in which he mentioned the importance of delegation by stating, “Delegation in decision making is the key driver for effective  & smooth working of organization”. He also shared various resources which helped us with understanding of power and politics in an organisation in more detailed manner. At last he shared his personal experiences where he quoted “I am important”, while communicating to any one should be kept in mind.

A Question-Answer session was also conducted in which participants asked various questions related to the topic with great enthusiasm. All the queries were taken up by Mr. Vijay in a very positive and healthy manner. At last, Dr. Deepesh Dasani extended a vote of thanks to Mr. Vijay and participants of the day.