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Workshop on "Basics of Statistical Analysis Using R" by Dr Vipul Patel

Faculty of Management Studies
Contact No.
Start Date
05/09/2020 10:40 AM
End Date
06/09/2020 03:43 PM
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Report on

Workshop :  “Basics of Statistical Analysis using R”

5th -6th September 2020

Dr Vipul Patel


A research workshop was organized for two days on 5th-6th September 2020 by GUNI-FMS-VMPIM. The expert trainer of the workshop was Dr Vipul Patel, Associate Professor and Academic Principal at VU-GUNI Center for Excellence.

Total registrations received in numbers were 212. Average participation for all the three sessions was 68 in and out of India. There were 152 Faculties-Academicians and research scholars. 46 registrations received from out of Gujarat. There were 9 international registrations from the countries: Malaysia, Rwanda, Indonesia, Sweden, Ethiopia and Ghana. Registrations with Doctoral as qualification (non-Gujarat) were 26 out of 46.

The sessions were scheduled for 10:00AM to 12:00PM and 1:00PM to 3:00PM for the first day and for 10:00AM to 1:00PM for the second day. The session was moderated by Prof Dhara Jha, Assistant Professor, VMPIM. Dr Sourbhi Chaturvedi, Dean-Faculty of Management, Dr Hiren Patel, Associate Dean and Incharge Principal, VMPIM and Dr Maurvi Vasavada, Chairperson, Center for Management Studies and Research and Dr Abhishek Parikh, Associate Professor and Principal, VMP-CMS were among the panel members. The workshop was on “Basics of Statistical Analysis using R”.

Dr Vipul Patel is currently working as Associate Professor and Academic Principal at VU-GUNI Center for Excellence. He has a doctorate in management, having fifteen years of teaching experience. He has a masters degree in management and bachelor degree in engineering. He has published twenty-one research papers in national and international journals; magazine, edited books and conference proceedings. He has delivered twenty eight expert sessions in data analysis using SPSS, AMOS and R Programming in various FDPs organized by various prestigious organizations like GTU, MIT-Pune, Ganpat University, NICM, to name a few.


The contents covered in the workshop were Introduction to R, Importing data into R, Descriptive Analysis: Frequency distribution, basic charts, mean, median, standard deviation, etc., Reliability of scale: cronbach alpha, creating summated scales, recoding of data, normality of data, T tests (one sample, independent, paired sample), Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and Correlation and Regression Analysis.

All the sessions made interactive even though it was on virtual platform. Participants raised their queries and solved their doubts satisfactorily during sessions.